Your roofing system may comprise 30% of your total building envelope, but it’s protecting 100% of your assets.

Your business (or home) operations, contents, staff and tenants are protected by a critical component of your investment: the roofing system.

A roof is a big investment and leaks are a costly affair. Roofs need to be protected with thorough evaluations and proper maintenance. Our program has been developed to give you both security and help to manage your roof assets efficiently and cost-effectively – and with as few surprises as possible.

Each roof is subjected to various weathering conditions and they do not wear uniformly since certain areas may be affected more severely than others. Equalising wear by upgrading worn areas is the secret to prolonged roof life. To equalise wear, the maintenance and repair of these areas should be done by a qualified Roofing Contractor.

Maintenance may be as simple as re-gravelling a windswept corner, or more complex, such as correcting a water ponding problem, but maintenance is a necessary part of good roofing practice.

The benefits of implementing a proper preventive maintenance program far exceed the costs. Here are some of the key benefits:

    • Better conservation and increased life expectancy of roof thereby eliminating premature replacement.
    • Reduced costs working on a scheduled basis instead of a crash basis to repairs. Timely, routine repairs circumvent fewer large-scale repairs.
    • Improved safety and quality conditions for everyone
    • Avoid costly business downtime and clean ups
    • Avoid your roof warranty becoming void

Roof Inspections

We inspect, analyse, diagnose and report on all types of roof construction.Waterproofing defects can be caused by defective fixings, damaged gutter joints or sheet laps, capillaries or punctures in the roofing membrane, condensation problems, inadequate flashings at vents, weather damage etc.

We have the experience to properly identify and solve these problems effectively. We can provide you with a report that will comment on the current condition of the roof, identification of any flaws with appropriate recommendations to correct any imperfections. The inspection will also incorporate an Electronic Integrity Test where appropriate (membrane must have a conductive backing).

The machine provides a precise location of even the smallest pin hole in either Asphalt, Built-up Bituminous roofing, Liquid or PVC membranes membranes. This allows us to provide a superior detection of all waterproofing defects.

It is also now a common condition of building contracts that an Electronic Integrity Test is completed on new roofs to confirm the integrity of newly installed membranes.

This service is available to other Roofing Contractors, Building Contractors and Private Customers.

Maintenance Recommendations

  • The roof is inspected at least twice yearly (generally Spring and Autumn) and is conducted by experienced roofing personnel only.
  • Notify the Roofing Contractor immediately after a roof leak occurs. If possible, note conditions resulting in leakage such as heavy or light rain, wind direction, temperature etc. Note whether the leaks stop shortly after each rainfall or continues to drip until the roof is dry.
  • File all job records, plans and specifications for future reference. Set up a maintenance schedule. Record maintenance works as they occur. A detailed record of all parties working on the roof should be kept, in case damage should occur.
  • Do not allow the installation of equipment without notifying and consutling the Roofing Contractor about the methods and details for these installations.
  • Allow only authorised personnel on the roof.

Maintenance Contract

The contract provided by M&S provides the following:

  • 2 site visits to inspect roof with visits to be conducted during Spring and Autumn. Two weeks notice will be given prior to conducting inspection.
  • The inspection will include the following:
    • Removal of gathered residues such as mud, debris, leaves etc.
    • The outlets will be cleaned and unblocked to maintain the functionality of the existing waterproofing layer.
    • The gutters will be cleaned and unblocked
    • Defective fixings replaced
    • An Electronic Integrity Test will be conducted where appropriate to check roof for pinholes and porosity.
    • Remedial Works as required.
  • A written report in conjunction with an updated maintenance schedule will be provided within five working days of inspection. The report will consist of the following: maintenance items, conditions of roofing membrane and flashings, distressed locations, explanations for repairs and photographs.
  • If possible a roof plan including drawings, deck type, specifications, warranty and the details of any changes made to the roof system should be provided to M&S prior to commencement.
  • 24 hr Emergency call out option available if annual contract in situ.
  • Roof maintenance will also ensure you have taken reasonable steps to prevent accidents and comply with the provision of the Safety Health & Welfare Act.

The key benefit of regular maintenance is that potential problems are discovered before they become an issue. It is never too late to implement a program. Good maintenance will enhance the lifespan of your roof which will ultimately be cost-efficient and improve operational reliability.

Following an extensive initial inspection, we will tailor the maintenance plan for your needs and confirm the annual cost