Maintenance Contract

The contract provided by M&S provides the following:

  • 2 site visits to inspect roof with visits to be conducted during Spring and Autumn. Two weeks notice will be given prior to conducting inspection.
  • The inspection will include the following:
    • Removal of gathered residues such as mud, debris, leaves etc.
    • The outlets will be cleaned and unblocked to maintain the functionality of the existing waterproofing layer.
    • The gutters will be cleaned and unblocked
    • Defective fixings replaced
    • An Electronic Integrity Test will be conducted where appropriate to check roof for pinholes and porosity.
    • Remedial Works as required.
  • A written report in conjunction with an updated maintenance schedule will be provided within five working days of inspection. The report will consist of the following: maintenance items, conditions of roofing membrane and flashings, distressed locations, explanations for repairs and photographs.
  • If possible a roof plan including drawings, deck type, specifications, warranty and the details of any changes made to the roof system should be provided to M&S prior to commencement.
  • 24 hr Emergency call out option available if annual contract in situ.
  • Roof maintenance will also ensure you have taken reasonable steps to prevent accidents and comply with the provision of the Safety Health & Welfare Act.

The key benefit of regular maintenance is that potential problems are discovered before they become an issue. It is never too late to implement a program. Good maintenance will enhance the lifespan of your roof which will ultimately be cost-efficient and improve operational reliability.

Following an extensive initial inspection, we will tailor the maintenance plan for your needs and confirm the annual cost.