Roof Inspections

We inspect, analyse, diagnose and report on all types of roof construction.Waterproofing defects can be caused by defective fixings, damaged gutter joints or sheet laps, capillaries or punctures in the roofing membrane, condensation problems, inadequate flashings at vents, weather damage etc.

We have the experience to properly identify and solve these problems effectively. We can provide you with a report that will comment on the current condition of the roof, identification of any flaws with appropriate recommendations to correct any imperfections. The inspection will also incorporate an Electronic Integrity Test where appropriate (membrane must have a conductive backing).

The machine provides a precise location of even the smallest pin hole in either Asphalt, Built-up Bituminous roofing, Liquid or PVC membranes membranes. This allows us to provide a superior detection of all waterproofing defects.

It is also now a common condition of building contracts that an Electronic Integrity Test is completed on new roofs to confirm the integrity of newly installed membranes.

This service is available to other Roofing Contractors, Building Contractors and Private Customers.