We are your total one-stop solution for design, estimate, specification and project management for all waterproofing requirements.The Company philosophy is to ensure that all clients, commercial and residential, are fully supported through all stages of the project lifecycle and that all projects are completed safely, within budget and on time.

Thermal insulation is an increasingly important part of construction performance. Modern building design calls for materials of high insulation value, whilst being cost effective and without hazard to the environment.

Where appropriate, systems can be installed with appropriate vapour control layers and thermal insulation. We can provide solutions for all roof insulation configurations verifying quantities and U value (the measure of the rate of heat loss through a material) calculations. Insulation boards can be provided flat or with a taper to direct rainwater runoff.

Only top quality products with robust certification (for example Factory Mutual Approved) and track record are supplied and installed. This ensures support from our Supply Partner at the design stage and a performance guarantee upon completion of the project.

M&S has the resources and structure to act as a Main Contractor or Sub-Contractor dependent upon the terms of the contract and the client need. We have extensive experience in both areas of management and service provision.