Insulated Cladding

We also fit insulated wall composite panels. They comprise two skins of metal (or aluminum) but with rigid polyurethane insulation factory bonded to the steel faces eliminating the possibility of cold spots and condensation.

They can be utilized on roofs or cladding (fixed horizontal or vertical), and are available in different thicknesses to attain the required “U” value. They are available in many diverse colours and contours.

They are extremely adaptable and are able to be used in an assortment of purposes to meet compulsory stipulations and value: e.g. impact resistance, fire ratings and weight concerns.

Composite panels are made by merging countless glass strands with pigmented thermo-set UV resins, to create an enormously tough and hard wearing panel whilst preserving an eye-catching façade.

We install Euroclad, Kinsgpan or Tegral Insulated Panels.