Mastic asphalt roofing systems have a long and successful history as a robust waterproofing medium for flat roofs, basements and foundations as well as a surfacing material for floors, pavements, car parks and bridge decks.

It is heated to aprox. 254°C for it become plyable. It is then put into asphalt buckets tipped onto the work surface and laid to existing levels using a purpose made timber float. It is laid in 2 coats. As it is in molten form when applied, it can be dressed around rooflights, pipes etc without any difficulty.

Asphalt is naturally black. Once applied and cured it should then be protected from UV rays. This can be achieved using solar reflective paint, spa chippings or ballast. Promenade tiles or paving slabs can be laid as an option for walkways, balconies or patio’s.

We have our own Manufacturing Facility in conjunction with being a registered Contractor for

  • IKO’s Polymer Modified Asphalt.

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