Liquid membranes are cold applied systems used for waterproofing and surfacing. They have a varied array of uses such as roofing, tanking, water features, wet rooms, balconies, floors, car parks and decorative surfacing.

Liquid membranes are cold applied and the application can be carried out using a spray machine or hand applied. Some systems will require a curing period between stages of application. As a cold applied system it sets as a single fully-bonded membrane with no joints or seams.

Surface finishes vary and there are a variety of different colours available.

We are registered contractors and have been approved to install the following roofing systems

  • IKO – Polimar
  • Moy – Kemperol
  • Soprema – Alsan
  • Stirling Lloyd – Integritank

Single ply membranes are rubber-like waterproofing sheets generally defined as either a Thermoplastic or Elastomeric. They are an extremely versatile waterproofing solution for new build and refurbishment projects.

With a proven track record across Europe dating back 40 years and boasting a number of unique qualities, particularly when weight and load bearings limits are an important consideration.

Dept is in the range of 1.1mm to 2mm. Single ply membranes may be installed fully adhered or mechanically fastened. More recent innovations such as coloured membranes and factory produced roof profiles provide the appearance of traditional roofing systems such as lead and copper.

Single ply roofs don’t necessarily need additional surface materials because they are compounded with additives such as UV stabilizers.

We are registered contractors and have been approved to install the following Single Ply roofing systems

  • Colas PVC Membranes
  • IKO PVC Membranes
  • Sika PVC Membranes
  • Soprema PVC Membranes

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